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What is Bowen Therapy?

by Josephine Bobbermen on June 18, 2021

Established in the sixties and seventies by Geelong 'Osteopath' Tom Bowen, Bowen Therapy was popularized by Tom's students after his death. It is a lubricant-free bodywork technique which can be applied through loose clothing. 

While explanations for why the technique works vary; it uses a series of muscle-fibre movements to stimulate the soft tissue (fascia) found between the muscles and the skin. 

"It's essentially a rolling of the fascia which creates hydration of the tight muscles. This releases the fascia with immediate effect. Great for injuries and rebalancing the body under stress," explained Chelie from Sea Scape. 

Chelie studied Bowen Therapy after having a knee injury which was fixed using the technique. At the time her injury was caused by a spine and hip alignment issue. She has been using Bowen Therapy in her massages for roughly fifteen years. She has been a massage and beauty therapist for twenty five years.

Because Bowen Therapy promotes changes in tissue hydration it's important to drink lots of water after a treatment.